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What is Auto Suggest Box?


Auto Suggest is a program where you can grab your customers before they see your competition. We put your company in the auto-suggest for Google and Bing, so your customers find you first!

Auto Suggest is when a user begins to type a keyword request in the search box (or bar) and a list appears as a multiple suggestion list in the form of drop-down. The user first sees the keyword selections offered  and can scroll down to the suggestion of user's choice.

Similar to SEO "Search Engine Optimization", Auto Suggest has its own algorithm based on what's trending in the news and social media. We create and optimize organic content to feed the algorithm through a variety of social media and news platforms.


Shut Competition OUT!

Each search term is exclusive to the business and results are guaranteed.

  • Fixed cost per month; dominates competition
  • Compatible with current website – requires little or no access. 
  • Consistent results month-to-month.
  • Shuts out your competition on 1st page of Google 
  • Takes approximately 60-90 days to be fully operational
  • Will attain up to 5 organic spots on 1st page of Google 
  • Brand awareness for your business in the auto-complete box. 
  • Exclusive rights to your own chosen keywords - no double selling.
  • Users perceive higher authority due to auto-complete appearance.
  • Higher ROI due to faster results, higher click-through and lower monthly costs.
  • Includes all elements of standard SEO, but with a focus - blogs, press releases, videos, social media, back links and directories
  • Focused on organic listings - 60-70% usage by online searchers.
  • We guarantee our results.
  • PPC can keep you up with the competition, but can be very expensive.  Offset some of the cost with Auto Suggest. 
  • SEO WORKS, but requires constant changes to optimize website as well as social media. Auto Suggest can compliment your efforts by accelerating your results in tandem. 
  • Since this is a new system, it will push you ahead of the competition.
  • Allows consumers to see your competition on first page of Google and Bing .
  • While SEO can take 6-8 months,  to get just one spot on the 1st page, Auto Suggest can assist you with more coverage so you can dominate the first page! 
  • SEO offers no appearance in the auto-complete or no brand awareness, Auto Suggest can fill in that gap! 
  • SEO or PPC cannot honestly guarantee results, Auto Suggest can!


About Us

E Image has partnered with the industry's leading technology partner who has spent years developing and perfecting this new marketing technology and are now proud to offer it to the public. We utilize the "best practice" techniques to gain authority for your online presence, and put you in the auto-complete for Google and Bing.

Now you can be in front of every customer who is looking for you. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-level of service to our customers so we can build a long-lasting relationship with each customer.


Our Vision

We desire to utilize our technology to help businesses small to large. We can help large companies push slow moving product with a national keyword phrase, or help the local business owner succeed by boosting their customer base. We are here to offer affordable marketing solutions that work.

Our Agency

E Image Agency is a Scottsdale based award-winning and internationally recognized Marketing  Agency. With over  20 years of marketing and web expertise as a top-tier international marketing company, E Image  possesses extensive capabilities ranging from traditional and Internet marketing, search engine optimization, creative including: branding, design, content and packaging. Additionally, E Image is well versed in product development, manufacturing consulting, product distribution and business strategy. Through The E Image team has a  thorough understanding of marketing and have assisted hundreds of  companies and inventors  elevate their visibility while substantially increasing revenues and profits. Bilingual  English/Spanish Agency


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Marie Ralston

CEO- E Image